Scottish Pottery from the Heart of Scotland.


There is something so special about living on top of a hill, surrounded by trees and mountains with no mains electricity and yet still being able to produce practical items of beauty. From here my Studio name has sprung. I’ve always felt whimsy was linked to a sort of magic, the type of magic you find in books and dreams, for me, this is hand made pottery. Have you watched a pot being thrown on a wheel? It is simply the most wonderful magical process. So FAILTE to my whimsical place in the wild, with essence of Scottish hills woven into every hand thrown piece. 

Business Hours

Come visit us

Monday - Tuesday

11:00am – 03:00pm



Thursday - Saturday

11:00am – 03:00pm



My hours are not totally fixed! Generally if I have my sign up at the end of the road I am in and working so you are welcome to pop into the tiny show room, or watch me throw through the big window outside. 

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